About Rai

I'm an art director x designer who's born, raised & currently based in Singapura. I may be digitally-inclined but would be more than happy to explore & work with anything, anyone & anywhere. I'm also an idiosyncratic ailurophile, adrenaline junkie, thrill-seeker & ice cream destroyer with a Peter Pan complex. I'm inspired by art that comes in the forms of human, animals, music, design, technology, science, landscapes, illustration, animation, photography, books, film, fashion, Hayao MiyazakiStudio Ghibli, Doraemon, Adventure Time, MuseLupe FiascoEpik High, Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, David Lynch...


Contact Rai

If you wanna get in touch, reach out to me here or email me via hola@rrrrrai.com

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