You see that up there? That's the literal visual translation of my train of thought right there.

One of the reasons why I don't write as often anymore ‘cause when I do, I could ramble on forever. Which is ironic ‘cause it also happens to be one of the reasons why I should start writing more often, as penning down my thoughts does help to organize the tracks in my mind & steer clear of unfortunate outcomes as such.

Besides, I did spend some time revamping & collating & editing some of my older posts in an attempt to ensure everything here looks a little more... Cohesive, I guess? Which ends up being such a cringefest 'cause dayummm, how fickle-minded am I (you have no idea how many changes the logo/layout/style/errthang has been through) & dayummm, some of my past photos... were beyond salvage.

SMH. At myself. Thank goodness I invested in a better camera & lens though, teehee.


Stay tuned, I guess?

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