It's been a pretty dang long time since the last time I put up an earcandy post (Or any post at all... Whoopsie?). A couple of days back Yankie dropped a single with Tablo, Zion.T & Loco & the moment I heard it & saw the music video (in all its old skool pastel neon supermarket ghetto back alleys glory ♡) I thought, "THIS. HAS. TO. BE. ON. RRRRRAI.COM. SOMEWHERE." & obviously it has to be here, right? So here it is.

살다 보니 여기저기
들어오는 어퍼컷
생 양아치들 우글대도
항상 난 거부권
Don’t give a damn
방패가 내 엠블럼
언제 어디서든
신의 가호가 머물러
— Loco 'Sold Out'

The hip hop scene, particularly in Asia, seems to be taking off pretty smoothly these days. It's good seeing underground rappers & musicians making their way to the top & being embraced by the masses, by which I suspect mainstream shows like Korea's Show Me The MoneyUnpretty Rapstar & Malaysia's Anugerah Juara Lagu where Joe Flizzow's Apa Khabar featuring SonaOne has been crowned as the winner this year might have been the captains in the cockpit. The year has been seeing some kickass K Hip Hop releases too so while we're at it, here are my personal top earworms that popped out in the first half of 2015! In the order of addictability (Uh, yea, I just made up that word. Is there actually a legit word to describe how addictive something is? Please educate me. Thanks.):

I remember when thunder came
I prayed to god that I will never ever fall again
Drowning under pressure what comes after my insanity
Friends that stabbed my back brought me back into reality
— Jessi 'Unpretty Dreams'

The last one may not be exclusively "K" Hip Hop per se, but it's not often you get to hear 14 languages jam packed with some fine beats all in one track & rappers from all across the globe coming together for a good cause. Quoting off their description, "#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a Hip Hop version of "We Are The World" charity single. 14 rappers from 14 different countries express their love for Hip Hop in their own languages and styles. All profits will be donated for children's education through UNICEF." SAN E & PENDEKAR REPRESENT! ✌︎

If you think I've missed out on some sick tunes & beats released this year, or anything from this year, last year or twenty years ago that I might dig, HOLLER 'COS I'D LOVE TO HEAR THEM!

There's always room for earworms, heehee. Only the good ones. :D