Korean Folk Village / 한국민속촌

Before I begin, in case you haven’t heard, our adventures that were filmed during the Wiki Korea Tour will be aired on Channel M! If you don’t have cable TV, don’t worry ‘cos it’ll probably be up on YouTube as well. It’ll be like a reality tv show sorta thing. Honestly I’m not sure when exactly it’ll be out, but stick around on the Buzz Korea website, Twitter & Facebook page to be the first to know when it airs. (: Well, I’m assuming that you might wanna watch the show & mostly see me humiliate myself on national tv… 헐 (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ ) so I guess I shouldn’t go too much into the details & end up spoiling you. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

BUT! Since I’m fabulous like that LOL *flips hair* I’m still going blog about some of the highlights of the trip! :D

One of the icons of Korea which we got to experience during this trip is the 한국민속촌 (Hanguk Minsokchon) or Korean Folk Village. This is an area that was set up to replicate a Korean traditional village filled with…

Korean traditional houses

which comes in various designs & layouts, depending on classes of people & different regions

Shops & restaurants

Villagers & animals

Rivers & bridges

That’s my team, ASF (sans Lim) ♡ Our leader Ricky Kim, Melody from the Phillipines, me, Nisa from Indonesia, Basmah from Saudi Arabia, Mathi from France, our other leader Kevin from ZE:A / 제국의 아이들, Sunny from China & currently residing in Korea & Lichee from China. ^-^ (Dayummm check out our selca king Ricky 오빠’s mad selca skills lol)


& Jail. 

At the jail / court area we got to play around with the different punishment methods that were used back in the days.

Ricky 오빠 & I whacking the crap outta Kevin 오빠 bwahahahaha {:

Nawwwww just kidding we didn’t really beat him. ( Ŏ艸Ŏ)(Ŏ艸Ŏ ) Actually I think Ricky 오빠 did.

KFC girl Nisa & fellow cat lady Basmah casually tearing my legs apart hahaha (That was supposed to be my I’m-dying-in-agony look but I think it looked more like my-heart-is-filled-with-glee eh? Psh, fail.) 

Oh & if you’re wondering why these photos are in monochrome, you probably might want to start reading Fifty Shades Of Grey… Heh. :P 

Apparently the Korean Folk Village was also being used as the filming location for some movies & dramas such as… 

성균관 스캔들 (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Our crybaby (heehee) Mathi & funny girl Lichee. C: 

대장금 (Daejanggeum)

We also caught a...

Korean folk performance

& Korean traditional wedding ceremony

We got to play some Korean traditional games as well! Like the… 

윷놀이 (Yut Nori) 

Check out Sunny doing her magic on those ginormous yut sticks~ 

& 재기 (Jaegi)!

The way it’s being played is similar to hacky sack, or the capteh as we call it in Singapore. Apparently it happens to be the national sports of the Philippines, according to Melody. What makes 재기 different though is that it’s made out of a coin & Korean traditional paper. We were also taught how to make one ourselves! WOOHOO!

We attempted to play it too. I suck at it though, unfortunately. /: 

Last but not least, the food. GLORIOUS FOOOOOD. 6: We had the… 

파전 (PAJEON) 

& 비빔밥 BIBIMBAP! 

Our experience at the 한국민속촌 / Korean Folk Village wasn’t only fun, but it was educational & informative as well as we learn lots of new things about the various aspects to the traditional & cultural side of Korea. 

One of the things which I find cool about the Korean Folk Village was how most of the things here are not only for our viewing pleasures but we also get to touch, play & interact with them. I feel that this is a huge plus point 'cos it makes our experience in learning more about Korea’s history & culture a lot less mundane & so much more interesting. 

If you wanna visit the 한국민속촌 on your own, check out the link below for more details. Hope you enjoy it there as much as I do & please do share your experience with me too! ^-^


Throwing in another evidence of why Ricky is the Selca King just because this photo turns out so pretty, yay. x 

It seems that time’s never on my side these days, sorry for being such a lagger but I’ll try to show you other highlights from this trip as soon as I can aye? (: Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram if you haven’t! Til then, 뿅! ♥ 

Photos you see in this post are taken by my team members & me, edited by me. Please do not take them out without permission. Thanks for understanding! x