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Korean Folk Village / 한국민속촌

Before I begin, in case you haven’t heard, our adventures that were filmed during the Wiki Korea Tour will be aired on Channel M! If you don’t have cable TV, don’t worry ‘cos it’ll probably be up on YouTube as well. It’ll be like a reality tv show sorta thing. Honestly I’m not sure when exactly it’ll be out, but stick around on the Buzz Korea website, Twitter & Facebook page to be the first to know when it airs. (:

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So I finally found some time to write out my postmortem for Wiki Korea Tour (I know I’m a major lagger but better late than never right? HEH 죄송합니다… ^﹏^;;) 

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As much as I relish the thought of traveling around the globe & exploring new places, I’m not one of those who are blessed with opportunities travel out of Singapore, unfortunately, due to various (financial, mainly) reasons. Close to a year into my first job after graduation, I’ve decided to take the leap — & after much deliberation, planning & starving saving up, to Korea I decided to fly.

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